We Are An Award Winning Architecture & Design Company That Offers Flexible Solutions

Exposing the design identity of the brand or lifestyle choices in an innovative approach, award-winning Mia Architecture and Tuğcu Design offers flexible solutions for any custom needs of individuals and corporates. It delivers full-scope projects from concept creation to execution in architecture, interior design, contracting, fit-out projects and consultancy, willingly undertaking new design challenges in each fresh start of a project.

unifying creativity and functionality to design impactful living environments

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We provide architectural consultancy for design management, value engineering and project management phases of large scale projects. Through design collaborations with world renowned architects and interior designers or real estate/hotel/design brands, we add value to the projects.
quasar / istanbul

"Along with all other wide means, architecture, for us, is a strong statement of who you are regardless of whether you are small or large scale social identities, corporates, individuals, ones that carry out same values... On the other hand interior design is even a stronger expression of who you’d like to be... But the 'you' here is more personal, even more intimate.... It might as well add on to your relationship with inner you. That's how powerful design is when it comes to speaking loudly of who you are..."

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tailor made solutions for any custom needs of individuals and corporates